Eugenia Linam

After 20 plus years as a clinical social worker, life coach and consultant it is my pleasure to bring my passion and desire to help others in assisting you to choose the right Medicare plan for you!

As a licensed health insurance agent I gladly serve Medicare eligible individuals in Arizona who:


Will be turning 65 in the coming year
Have recently moved to Arizona and need to change plans
Will no longer be covered under an employer sponsored plan
Would like an unbiased review of their current Medicare plan
Are eligible for Medicare due to any other circumstances

As an agent representing major Medicare plans in Arizona, my goal is to help you understand Medicare,

evaluate your top needs and concerns n moving to Medicare and recommend plans that best meet your needs.

My ultimate goal is for you to have a great enrollment experience.

I am available to my clients throughout the year to answer questions and advocate for you as needed.

Please call or email me and “Let’s Talk Medicare”!!

Warm Regards,

Eugenia Linam, MSW


You can reach me by calling 520-300-7927 or emailing me at  TYY/TDD users can reach us at 711. Whether you call or email, you will reach me, an Arizona licensed insurance agent.